Welcome to the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Website

The Association run three very successful events throughout the year, starting with the Scottish Top Gundog, Scottish Top Gundog Puppy and Scottish Top Gundog Veteran matches, qualified from points gained at Championship and Open Shows throughout the year,  run in conjunction with the AGM.

The Open Show is held at the beginning of the calendar year and is well attended by Gundog enthusiasts from all over Scotland and North of England, traditionally this is held on alternate years in Lanark and Perth.

The climax of the year is the Championship Show held in November at Ingliston, near Edinburgh. This regularly attracts in excess of 1500 gundogs from all over the UK.

At the 2011 Championship Show a Members’ lounge was introduced and proved to be a great success.

Also in 2012 we introduced reduced entry fees for members at both our Shows as well as an opportunity for members to advertise on this website also at special rates.

Finally, this website is a work in progress so we would welcome any positive feedback and suggestions.

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Gordon Haran
Catherine Mason
Nicola Sturrock
Sandra Sturrock


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